Signature Accessory Pieces

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Signature Accessory Pieces
Signature Accessory Pieces

Accessorizing is Art

When done well, accessorizing can elevate an outfit from basic to outstanding. Accessories define the details of an overall look. They reflect the self-expression of your style and personality.

Your choice of accessories convey a sense of confidence and self-esteem when you know that you feel and look good in the items you have chosen to incorporate a polished look.

Last but not least, it is important to remember, having a big wallet does not guarantee a cohesive style. Buying random items that reflect the latest trend and filling up the closet will not guarantee that the wearer can pull them together to create the desired effect.


Creating a Sense of Style

Often, we think of different types of looks when trying to define a sense of style. Consider some of the following themes:

Classic, bold, sporty, androgenous, timeless, casual, fun, cool, sophisticated, tailored, vintage, formal, energetic, grunge, understated, and artistic, just to name a few.

What is your style? How would you define it? How do you “create” your own style?

Using accessories is one way to create style. The choices are endless. Therefore, it is important to opt for pieces that resonate with your unique interpretation of fashion sense. Whether that includes dainty jewelry, chunky belts, or colorful handbags, choose accessories which reflect how you want to express yourself, the statement you would like to convey, and what feels second nature to you.

A starting point might be to pick neutral shades of color to provide a “safe” base on which to build more layers and points of interest. Your favorite pair of jeans, or solid colored skirt, could be that starting point. However, don't shy away from incorporating bold colors and textures to add a sense of flair.


How to Create a Cohesive Look

This can be achieved when identifying an overall theme. For example, the use of specific color combinations can create pleasing patterns for more than one area of your outfit. This creates visual interest, ties your look together, and weaves the various elements of the individual accessories together. Your ensemble will be a polished and finished look that catches the attention of, not only your eye, but also the eyes of others.

You may find yourself reaching for a favorite watch, a special colored scarf, or a certain shoe type when creating an outfit. These items are worn often and easily blend in to give you the look you desire. The look that is you. These special pieces are signature accessories. 

Accessories are plentiful and can enhance or detract from an outfit. Choose wisely and have fun experimenting with different  combinations to create a look that is truly yours.

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