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Every photo is a jewel that captures a moment in time and is a story waiting to be told.

Chinelo Mora is a Vancouver based photographer who specializes in capturing images which evoke emotion and weave a sense of deep connection.

Landscape Photography:

Glimpses of city scapes mirror shimmering vistas brought to life by the blazing sun.

Vancouver is a showcase of bustling energy in motion. The surrounding environs intermingled throughout it’s fabric encompass ocean waters, beachside flatlands, and mountain grandeur.

City dwellers enjoy long waterside walks, and hiking the slopes of surrounding hills.

The presence of wildlife also remind the residents of Vancouver that they are not alone. Small flocks of birds fly by to call city folk to come out and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Still Life Photography:

This genre of photography captures ordinary objects that are often ignored or taken for granted.

Although still objects are mundane and functional, their ready usefulness beautifies our every day life.

Portrait Photography:

Portraits are the cherished jewels of a family.

 Family snapshots document the passage of time. Future generations can learn from family members who have passed on. Their journey gives us hope and provides a strong anchor of who we are and where we have come from.

The eyes depicted in portraits of previous generations call out to the beholden to say, “do not forget us, keep us close in your hearts.”

Portraiture is the eternal mirror. It tells the stories of the past as well as the present.

The expressions reflected are deep and memories timeless. 

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